Gohan is an obedient boy

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Songoku's youngest friend is Gohan. He must cope alone at home so that succeeding victories in as many samples to struggle more and more animals, mutants, with all aliens, monsters of jungle and forest and bordering what is very important is to reach the end of difficulty levels for only thus will be able to become the most effective fighter with this in Dragon Ball. A small frog will go to you to catch SIS eat you, but because super powers you have you will be able to win, but be very careful because it will not be easy to come down and meet as you try to kill you, but you are using super powers that will be stocked and fly, beware of obstacles, jump on the steps that come your way, beware of obstacles and what is very important, complicated and difficult adventures are that you start to be able to go to completion. This is an obedient boy, shy and likes to explore. As a child, he does not know how to fight like a Saiyan has that fighting spirit. He must use the potential of hybrid Saiyan could offer protection to those he loves and is one of the most awesome fighter Z Fighters. At maturity, he sees dream come true to be a great scholar. Gohan's personality varies from one state to another because as we know is half human and half Saiyan designed. These oscillations unique values makes a great Saiyans really easily. It's just not as strong loves long fight. Moreover, when you have to fight really is primarily concerned to protect loved ones, family and friends. He has a big heart and is blind as Goku in his youth was. Has a legacy of Goku, namely that she loves to eat, this is typical Saiyan. To his mentor, this has a strong attachment, as well as his family and his studies that he was very concerned. After Goku died, began to train Piccolo on Gohan, because he felt that Gohan has the potential to give a good fighter and will be able to defend Earth from Saiyans attacks. At first, the relationship with Piccolo is unsociable, but after this, Piccolo admits that the relationship with Gohan as a normal, does he sacrifice when need to save this. For this reason, Piccolo can be treated like a father to Gohan. Krillin is, moreover, an important role in the growth of this, and Krillin's due to get to know and be friends with Goku. Although he loves to fight, this likes adventure and martial arts. It is very obvious that she loves being a hero.