Goten is the younger brother of Gohan

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Goten is the younger brother of Gohan and Goku's last overwhelmed. He looks a lot likes his father, the clothes, the style and behavior, and for this reason Toriyama decided to change slightly the look and appearance of not to be confused with this and rights therefore put a shirt with the name him and his hair gave a shaggier longer. His brother Gohan Goten trained in the Martial Arts Tournament where his father was present. While Gohan trained noticed that his younger brother has very good qualities that could become a good fighter "Super Saiyan". Kamehameha is a technique called manifested by releasing a powerful light beam. Goku, Majin Boo, Piccolo intention to save the world teaches this and along Truns boyfriend's best technique called "Fusion". This technique helps to transform the two into a single and powerful fighter named Gotenks. But in his fight directly with Boo, it absorbs it and manages to destroy the powerful Gotenks and Trunks and  Earth are dead. Dragon Ball manages later to revive the lands destroyed and Goten also revive him and gives Goku enough energy to defeat Buu into Super Genki-Dama attack. Goten's childhood is as similar to Goku, as uncared, dirty, a happy face and tousled hair. This is particularly strong ş great force him from other children, much stronger than Gohan and Goku fot when they had the same age. Chi-Chi and realized first that Goten can become a Super Saiyan at only seven years (Dragon Ball Z game manual says that it was only three years old when he first entered Super Saiyan) and is transformed into a SuperSaiyan he looks almost exactly like Goku. On this, transforming into a SuperSaiyan, made him the youngest SuperSaiyan that has ever been. When asked how Gohan managed to transform this said that he learned martial arts from his mother and accidentally turned into a Super Saiyan. It's an interesting thing how does it easy to do so, although this at his age he could not do Goku, Vegeta and very little Gohan to be able to master the technique. Whatever the reason, Goten shows an extraordinary power at an age so young. This during childhood had the good friends and Bulma and Vegeta Trunks who was son and that was some fighting games.
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