Son Goku

Gohan is an obedient boy

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The main character of the series is Son Goku Dragon Ball. His energetic and cheerful personality and passion continue to compete makes him a very recognizable. Adoptive grandfather Gohan Son adored as his nephew, Gohan and Goten's father, the husband of Chi-Chi Pan's grandfather, and great great grandfather then Goku Jr. Goku is Z Fighters leader and defender of Earth. He is trained long and hard and strives throughout his life to be the greatest warrior who ever, although this time, he used the skills and miraculous power, useful for peace to be maintained. These qualities can only make him a hero, although it still has a lot to perfection, because of his education sometimes betrays him about. Throughout the series Dragon Ball, Son Goku is the main character. Throughout the series he has spiky hair and the headdress not it never changes. The most frequently seen wearing school uniform Kame orange / gold / red IG over a dark blue shirt. Master Roshi, King Kai and Kami included IG, is the kanji symbol (above the heart) to the left. Moreover symbol is featured on the back. After the appearance of Frieza Saga, IG symbol becomes a dark orange and appears not. Goku wear a dark blue boots with lace beige / yellow, with dark blue cuffs. It handles very well a power pole and like a child because he has Saiyan's tail. Rarely wear different clothes, such as business tie and gray suit. Generally after training you have in mind and soul Chamber, and before his Cell Games nine days before he is dressed as an earthly namely a long-sleeved jacket black-orange, brown boots, pants green and white shirt, In Dragon Ball GT he wears the pants ocher / yellow, blue geographical indication. It also has pink cuffs and a white scarf wearing the waist. Wear a white garment in the shin with black shoes. In Super Saiyan 4, his body is replaced with red fur and loses his IG and the tail returns while changes from reddish brown. Which increases his hairstyle makes him look creepy, with longer hair and even wilder. And eye color changes from golden yellow and black around them are red. Shin, his cuffs and scarf changes color blue. Goku is an energetic personality, cheerful and has an infatuation for competition (especially in eating and sport fighting). He has a highly developed intuition to identify well from other characters at the expenses of their actions while longer forgive that enemy was often criticized. Was repeatedly attacked from behind by enemies whom he forgave. His miraculous power is also strengthened by open morality and loyalty.
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