Vegeta is one of the most balanced and intelligent

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picture Vegeta Vegeta Saiyan is a former Army military trade offers for the planet, but after they die all of his race, he joined Raditz and Nappa. Later joins the Z Fighters fighting with them to Namek, and returns them to earth, where it will remain for life he has. Vegeta is bitter and arrogant, probably because his planet was destroyed Planet Vegeta, or who have undergone sufferings of his race saddles. His attitude is one of overvaluation and is considered superior to everyone meets. He is very proud of what he knows and what has and believes that the most powerful in the universe. In the context of the series, Vegeta comes into play as a villain. He was a bad character at first, but after he joined the Fighters Z has totally changed attitude, he was ranked as extremely vindictive, arrogant and cold. Many of the battles won by him are of interest or revenge, but eventually becomes more quiet after his home sits on Earth do their family together. He was born into a social class level in Saiyan society, this was working continually to become a powerful warrior in the universe. He is fighting several tactical and fearless rushing into battle without hesitation. Often loosely anger or arrogance with which the opponent makes him more vulnerable to opponents. Vegeta is one of the most balanced and intelligent characters on the show, and very serious, rarely is seen to see him smiling. When we see him smiling nevertheless makes sure the irony or contempt for the opponent. These gestures are made to mock competitor, a clear example is when you want to reconstruct Android 18 into a "washing machine" or "toaster". Otherwise has this attitude and to Son Goku when he wanted to participate in martial arts tournaments. Vegetation is characterized as cold-blooded and aggressive. Moreover, when a child seemed like Saiyans other cruel and ruthless killer. This has the cold blood in difficult situations and behavior is tough, militaristic. Since a child has this condition and this behavior probably learned it from his followers Saiyans. In the Namek Saga, has changed little, he wanted to Gohan and Krillin Alize with, although I wanted to kill onwards instead. At first the Frieza Saga, who defeated not left to live and killed instantly.
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